Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

HCP Sense won the „it@mobility“ prize

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Promotion Nordhessen was looking for innovative, young companies or start-ups with a connection to mobility.
“These can be technical solutions for vehicles, logistics and the control of traffic flows.”
Wherever something is in motion, lubrication is needed to keep things running smoothly. Especially in bearings!
We monitor lubrication levels and can thus not only reduce lubricant consumption and minimise wear, but also save energy.
Sounds innovative, and it convinced the jury of this year’s promotion Nordhessen start-up award. HCP Sense won the “it@mobility” prize 🕺 🎉

Many thanks to all supporters of the successful event, especially to Alexander KrickMichael SchapiroKai Georg Bachmann and the teams behind it!

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