Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

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hcp sense cofounder sarah wicker

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If you want established and complex ancient corporate structures, sluggish decision-making processes and just no opportunities for development. If you don’t care about your development, the team or the vision of the whole company … Then don’t apply here!

For everyone else:
A young and agile team is waiting for you! Take responsibility from day one and design your workplace and your processes.

We are looking for you:

Sarah Wicker, our electrical engineer is looking for support in their tasks
Georg Martin …the man behind the algorithms, tames the Python
Tobias Schirra… the inventor of the sensor bearing, is actually just looking for someone to look after our office dog Rio sometimes, very startup-like
Ansgar Thilmann … takes care of the business and sales, so that you always have enough work and get your money on time.

By the way, you can expect regulated working hours and a decent salary, as is customary in the industry! If you’ve read this far, just apply ? 😉

We look forward to meeting you!😃

Click here to access our job postings or here to view our post on LinkedIn.

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