Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

Winner Of The TU Idea Competition 2021

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In discussions with our customers, it is easy for us to convey the special features of our measurement technology and the unique benefits – continuous #lubrication-level monitoring and #force measurement in the roller bearing (almost) without any design changes .

It’s a completely different story when we want to convey to non-experts what we’re actually doing. Be it in the family, in the circle of friends or just jurors of a competition. 

We are all the more pleased that we did exactly that yesterday and won the Technical University of Darmstadt-Idea Competition 2021 😃 🤗 💪 🏆 🚀

Many thanks to the entire HIGHEST – Innovation and Start-up CenterHarald HolzerClaudia BeckerGudrun LantelmeSimone Eva Maria Lühl … and especially the jurors, who were certainly drained from following our technical explanations. 

#deineidee2021 #existenzgründung #EXIST #innovations

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