Measuring rolling bearing forces.
Monitoring lubrication.

HCP Sense technology works with any rolling bearing.

HCP Sense monitors forces and lubrication level and detects damages in rolling bearings by measuring electrical impedance.


to determine forces, lubrication and wear level


mostly not directly contacted, rather the housing of the machinery


data processing and visualization

Which hardware and software do we offer?

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HCP Sense technology works with any rolling bearing, from small deep groove ball bearings to spherical roller bearings for heavy industry. Hybrid bearings are an exception. We do not manufacture the bearings we use ourselves, but can work with exactly the types of bearings you already use. In some cases we have to use insulated bearings. These are available in different sizes directly from the factory. If this is not the case, we have a reliable coater who first grinds off material to apply the insulation and then grinds it off. This way, the original dimensions are preserved.

To measure the impedance, an electrical circuit must be laid through the bearing. For this, the inner and outer ring are electrically contacted and connected to the electronics box. In most cases, the bearing does not have to be contacted directly, but only the shaft/axle and the housing of the machinery. The necessary contacting components, e.g. a sliding contact for shaft contacting, are designed by our specialists according to your specific machinery requirements.

The heart of the sensor system is our electronic unit. It measures the impedance of the bearing, processes the data and represents the interface to your systems. This is also where the algorithms for measuring forces and lubrication level and for damage detection run.

The data processing and visualization is customer-specific. There is no “one size fits all” approach, because every area of application requires an individual solution. The data can be displayed directly on the machine or as an interface connected to your cloud platform or to your machinery control system. Together with you, our experts will develop the perfectly tailor-made solution.

Our services are fully customised to your own needs

Use the advantages of our product directly or improve the customer value of your products. We offer you data for predictive maintenance, digital business models and the optimization of manufacturing processes.

Your data is collected easily and efficiently to support your portfolio digitalisation

Our services are diverse – from force measurement and lubrication film monitoring to condition monitoring.